University of Virginia

  • Guest Lecturer, CS8501: IoT Security and Privacy (Spring 2022)

Student Mentoring

University of California, Los Angeles

  • Jerry Xu, Laura Ness, Huan Xu - Project: Robust Captcha Design: DisCaptcha.

University of Virginia

  • Peiyi Yang, Jie Fan, Zice Wei, Haoqian Li - Project: Towards Usable Parental Control for Voice Assistants.
  • Hongyi Li, Minjie Tang, Leizhen Shi - Project: Finding Safe Wake Words for Voice Devices using Distinctive Features.
  • Matthew Hancock - Thesis: The Struggle for Control of Personal Data.
  • Gabriel Simmons - Thesis: Voice Privacy: Analyzing Trends and Patterns in Amazon Alexa Voice History.
  • Chase Lemley - Thesis: Alexa Data Monitoring: Virtual Personal Assistants and Information Privacy Protection.
  • Amanda Nguyen - Project: Alexa Parental Permissions: Virtual Personal Assistants and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • Yilin Huang - Project: How much does my data worth? A user study about people’s perceived value of different types of personal data.
  • Yilin Guo (visiting student from ShanghaiTech) - Project: A Study on Developers’ Perceptions of Privacy Regulations in China and the USA.